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I am a Citizen of the United States and I am a resident of the State of Wisconsin.  I'm an American / Taxpayer!

I have big news: Thanks to the generous and dependable support of Leadership Institute donors, all live Digital Training workshops are being offered at no cost for the month of October! Leadership Institute donors want to invest in YOU. 
I encourage you to attend as many of these courses as possible. The next few months will shape America for years to come. You and I must be prepared for the final stretch of this election cycle. 

All of the previously listed events are over.  
We hope to be listing MORE events for 2021 soon!

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Wisconsin Taxpayers

How We Take America Back - American Revolution 2.0

Premiered Aug 21, 2020

American Revolution 2.0
Have you been trying to figure out how we take America back? How as We The People do we take back control of our Constitutional Republic? The answer is simple to take freedom back, are you ready to take back america? Join these Take Back America Group.